The DOMINION consists of professionals with extensive experience in various systems applied to the transport sector, and has mainly worked in:

  • Signaling systems;
  • Centre for Operational Control - CCO;
  • Telecommunication systems;
  • Energy systems including conductive rails;
  • Systems Electric Traction;
  • Auxiliary systems of low and medium voltage;
  • Primary ventilation systems.

Concentrating its activities in the engineering segments, such as:

  • Preparation of master plans, basic designs and technical specifications;
  • Preparation of executive projects;
  • Studies of technical and economic feasibility;
  • Technical supervision systems;
  • Supervision of assembly in the field;
  • Performing Mounts and facilities;
  • Tests and system tests and equipment;
  • Test procedures for the establishment and equipment of acceptance;
  • Preparation of equipment maintenance manuals;
  • Preparation of documentation for training in equipment and systems;
  • Surveys and technical reports.

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